How Queer is your Food?
A tribute to James Beard, Richard Onley, and Craig Claiborne
115 Grand Ave, Raleigh, NC
Saturday Jan. 28, 2017
6 pm
$50 suggested donation per person

Read about how these three gay men became the architects of America's modern food culture in Lucky Peach. This is also a fundraiser for one of our fellow chef friends who is in need of surgery. After food costs are covered, all will be donated to her surgery fund.  

Tea Sandwiches

             Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Radish & Compound Butter w/ parsley

                          (because no gay passes one up) (a la James Beard)

House made Gravad Lox on Egg salad, Pumpernickel & pickled Onion


Orange Flambéed Shrimp (tableside), Avocado Mousse, frizzled Leeks, Toasts

(because we all love a good flambé!)


Barbie Bitter Greens, Bleu Cheese, Pomegranate, Date, Walnut, Creamy Dressing

(Well…that about says it all for queers, no??)


Tournedo of Beef, Spicy Cabbage stuffed Seckle, Vegetable Galette, Jus

(Steak is very manly but Tournedos…well that dresses it up)


Baked Alaska

***Menu items subject to market availability***